About The Center

The Baytown Resource was organized in 1932. It was organized as the Health and Welfare League. This community service organization serves Baytown, Highlands, McNair and West Chambers County by providing a safety net for those who have emergency financial needs.

The Center was initially staffed by a small group of volunteers. In 1942, the Health and Welfare League was renamed the Welfare League of Baytown and charted as one of a number of health agencies in the area. The League's purpose was to provide short-term or emergency financial help to those in need.

The name of the agency was changed again in 1999. That year the Welfare League of Baytown became known as the Baytown Resource & Assistance Center, a United Way of Baytown Agency, and is often referred to as BRAC. BRAC works closely with other agencies in the area to provide coordinated services to clients.