About The Center

The Red Feather was the first community-wide fund raising and helping agency in Baytown. It was organized and operated by a small group of volunteers during the depression in 1932. It  provided food, medical care and clothing to the needy. The organization also ran a health clinic and thrift exchange for school clothing. It was referred to as "Health and Welfare" and formally know as the Tri-Cities Welfare League. 

With the growth of the city of Baytown and development of government and voluntary health and welfare agencies, the Community Chest was organized as a coordinating and fundraising agency. 

In 1950, the Tri-Cities Welfare League was renamed the Baytown Welfare League when the Tri-Cities were consolidated.

The League's purpose was to provide short-term or emergency financial help to those in need. Although the purpose of the League has never changed, the name of the agency did. 

In 1999 the Welfare League  became known as the Baytown Resource & Assistance Center, a United Way of Baytown Agency, and is often referred to as BRAC. This community service organization serves Baytown, Highlands, McNair and West Chambers County by providing a safety net for those who have short-term or emergency financial needs. BRAC works closely with other agencies in the area to provide coordinated services to clients.